How To Build Customer Trust and Loyalty Through SMM

If you and your business are taking the first steps into Social Media Marketing and you're eager to explore the benefits, this blog is for you!

Our plan is to equip you with the information you need in order to successfully build and sustain your company-consumer relationships.

Before we dive into the why's and how's, let's broaden our perspective a little. Try not to view social media marketing as a solo act. It isn't solely there to sell things, it can also:

So why invest in SMM?

Research tells us that companies who are able to genuinely connect with their consumers and community of supporters, will have a strategic advantage over those who don't. -

How do you earn trust and gain loyalty? Let's look at a few key components that will kick start your journey.

Be Authentic & get Personal

As a company, being authentic and genuine isn't something that you can fake as consumers expectations are high in terms of companies they support. They're smart and are likely to notice unreliable content.

In terms of getting personal, companies who consider the customer's requirements are likely to gain a higher level of trust.

For example, Amazon does an exemplary job of fostering relationships with consumers, providing brilliant product accessibility on their website and giving excellent customer experience through social media platforms that create a strong brand that consumers can rely on. -

Amazon promotes a personal customer relationship through a number of marketing components. A few examples are; making recommendations of items based previous purchases; suggesting complementary products; and offering user profiles, reviews and ratings.

Listen & Focus in on the customer

With huge amounts of information online, including that of your own business and competitors; customers are able to access and determine what and who is best suitable for them, all at a click of a button.

Research suggests that customers are more likely to support companies who put in maximum effort and ensuring customers are taken care of, may lessen their search elsewhere, -

So how do you ensure your company is worth sticking around for?

When you listen to someone, you can gain their trust. This is no different between companies and their customers.

A company who successfully demonstrates this is 'The Protein Works'. They have a positive attitude towards their customers, providing the opportunity to personalise the products produced in the 'Create your own' feature. This allows individuals to contribute towards the business themselves by sharing reviews, ratings, personal opinions and their own suggestions online. -

Paying attention to customer's needs, may earn your company respect and loyalty which can produce further sales and returning customers.

Research tells us, 82% of small business owners said that loyal customers were the main way they grow their business. -

Live up to your promise & Stay consistent

Your company's brand is a promise. Companies who consistently deliver their promises may be more likely to succeed. In other words, after all the work you've put in, try not to fall short of your customer's expectations!

A way of building customer loyalty is simply doing what you said you would do. If you do, you may have a much stronger affinity, a much stronger business, greater growth and much stronger results. -

Next week we'll be having a look at what kinds of content you can publish and share on social media platforms that can benefit your business!

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Published: 07 Aug 2015

Author: Alix McGregor