The New Two Boiled Eggs Mobile Website

As UK consumers turn ever more frequently to their mobile phone to answer all manner of queries and make purchases online, the speed of response and user experience of mobile sites becomes exponentially more important.

We decided to put our money where our mouth was and develop a super fast, optimized mobile website to demonstrate how fast and friendly a mobile website could be.

Our team of talented, in-house developers built the website from scratch to ensure that the speed and user experience were maximized.

Optimised For Smartphones

The site recognizes the users' browser size and responds by re-sizing content, buttons and interactive features to help smart phone users easily navigate and read content.

For smartphones, the font size increases and the clickable buttons become larger to support 1-finger navigation and tap and go functionality.

We use the latest coding techniques to enable the smooth animations on the home page and in the interactive sales calculator.

All code and images are compressed to offer super fast page loading and we host the website on a top of the line, powerful dedicated server.

Feedback Appreciated!

We would greatly appreciate your feedback and thoughts on the new mobile site. We don't live in an ivory tower and are always keen to learn. Feedback improves our performance and exposes us to new ideas.

To discuss how we can transform your customers' experience when they visit your website on smartphone or tablet, please click through to our contact page and send our team a message with your contact details. We will get back to you for a conversation about your online goals and aspirations after which we can both assess the "fit" and decide how to proceed.

We are a commercially focused digital agency dedicated to delivering our clients sales growth online.

Published: 04 Nov 2014

Author: Iain Coplins