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5 Tips to Turbo Charge Your Sales With Google Shopping

If you sell online, Google Shopping offers an excellent opportunity to turbo charge your sales and dramatically increase your visibility to potential customers. After several years of extreme flux in the Google search rankings, many ecommerce re...Read More

5 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Ecommerce Sales

The majority of retailers are failing smartphone users who want to buy online. Uptake of smartphones in the UK has surged with 62% of adults now using a smartphone device, with 83% saying they go online using this device. Better handset technol...Read More

The New Two Boiled Eggs Mobile Website

As UK consumers turn ever more frequently to their mobile phone to answer all manner of queries and make purchases online, the speed of response and user experience of mobile sites becomes exponentially more important. We decided to put our mon...Read More

S.E.O As A Concept

Working at a digital marketing agency, we are asked about search engine optimization all the time. Fortunately it is not our only focus and I am proud to say we have become a pretty well rounded agency. Nevertheless, we frequently sit down to d...Read More

Your Business Pinterest | How 2

Setting up Pinterest for your business can provide an invaluable line of communication between you and your customers. Pinterest can drive qualified traffic to your site, just as YouTube or Google does. This blog will take you through the process of se...Read More

Happy Holidays // Tech Corner

Hey everyone, Did everyone manage to avoid the winter flu? I did not. // I missed the blog last Friday... And I missed work altogether Monday... on the plus side though it gave me some time to catch up...Read More
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