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Facebook Page Insights | How 2

Today's post - Facebook Insights, used by Page Admins (Page Admins are owners of the page, also Admins can be allocated by owners). Insights help Admins easily analyse their Pages posts. Wondering about your Page... I bet these questions come to mind:...Read More

Google Authorship Tag | How 2

This weeks post is designed to help people who publish content, by showing them one of the ways to get the maximum benefits from Google. This How 2 shows you how to add the "Authorship Tag" to content you publish on the web via blogs. ...Read More

Structured Data with Schema.org // Tech Corner

I will let last week lie for the time being, the suggestions I received in the way of learning materials have been ordered but as of yet are undelivered. So I shall pick back up on the PHP journey at a later date... if you are wondering what I am talki...Read More

Google Disavow Tool | How 2

This week we picked up a new client and as part of our client adoption strategy, we carried out a link audit on their website. We found a bunch of bad links entering the site from low quality, spammy websites. OUCH! With all the changes i...Read More

The Google Entity - Why Bother?

This article is written in response to the many conversations circulating about the change in approach by Google, in understanding published web content and the process of introducing the "entity" concept. For years, Google has develo...Read More

Pre-emptive Reflection // Tech Corner

After last week, quite a lot has changed. With the help of Manarth I found a solution to the problem I was having with the PHP mail function, the solution was just not to use it /* insert Homer...Read More
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