JMDA Design

During 2013 we planned, designed and developed a new multi-lingual website for JMDA that had three specific goals:

  1. Navigation should be intuitive and get visitors to the information they wanted quickly.
  2. Present JMDA’s fantastic catalogue of design work in a way that would best promote their unique expertise to their target market.
  3. Provide a multi-lingual site for JMDA’s growing Chinese market and be visible to the Chinese search engines


JMDA are a design consultancy, so we always understood that the smallest of details would be hugely important to JMDA.

We worked tirelessly with their team to ensure every page met their exacting standards and was presented exactly the way they had envisioned it.

We developed the new website on an open source content management system that was easy for the team at JMDA to use.

We used the language settings in the users browser to identify which local language version to show the visitor, meaning that the site was flexible enough to be promoted in the UK and across China.


The new website has provided the JMDA team with an easy to use, easy to update website that is always fresh and full of relevant, up to date information about their products and the company.

Client Since: 2011
Services Employed By Client:

  • Website Development

Desktop Site

Screenshot of JMDA's home page

Mobile Site

Screenshot of JMDA's home page on mobile